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About us

"We Are The Home Of The Stars Where Love Resides"

On June 7 , 2018 Tala Luv'z Radio was born. Every Thursday our radio program based in Calgary airs from 7 to 8 pm (inclusive) On January 12,2019, Tala Luv'z Radio Worldwide (online radio) was launched due to an increasing demand from our viewers and listeners from local around the world. Tala Luv'z Radio Worldwide offers different variety of shows and programs, but not limited to the following Lifestyle, Education kid show, News and Current Affairs, Music of Praise and Worship, Songs from the Billboard charts, 24/7 OPM Classtrendz Music These and more are available through our website at WWW.TALALLUVZRADIO.COM our Mobile APP'S and through our social media accounts.